Nikki Cox Teasing Us With Her Voluptuous Boobies

There are lots of Nikki Cox titty shots out there, because they’re obviously her best, and most well-known asset!  Whenever you mention the name Nikki Cox, big, juicy tits are what comes to mind.  Well, that’s what comes to mind after you figure out who she is, because with a name like that, images of porn stars with uh… big boobs are usually what pops into your head first.  Okay, I guess whoever you’re thinking about, big, juicy tits are always at the forefront of your thoughts.

Nikki Cox isn’t a porn star though, if you didn’t know.  Though she’s built like one with those juggs of hers, and her roles on TV have sometimes hewn as close to porn as possible — like playing a rehabilitated prostitute in a comedy (“The Norm Show”), or a Las Vegas showgirl in her own sitcom, “Nikki”.  It’s her roles on “Unhappily Ever After” and “Vegas” that she’s best known for, though for us fans, whatever role she’s done that we loved, it’s her boobies that we remember fondly from those times.

Here are some breast pics from her that show her assets not fully uncovered, as she teases us with some cleavage, a single boob popped out, to a view of her juicy melons from the side.  Wherever and however these were taken, it shows that she knows what we want, and she knows how to keep us panting for more by not showing at one go.  There’ll be more of her titty pics to come for sure, but if you can’t wait, you can go and check out this site for what you want!

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