Nikki Cox Naked

With a name like Nikki Cox, you’re excused if you initially thought that this was a fan blog for some porn star or another.  But no, this is the place for fans of the busty TV actress we all wish was a porn star!  Yes, with her luscious assets, there’s no doubt that we’d all love to see Nikki Cox naked, aside from seeing her on some of our favorite shows on TV.

As a very young girl, Nikki Cox appeared as a dancer in several ballet shows and specials on TV.  That kind of work wouldn’t have lasted long after puberty though, because of those big juggs of hers.  With rapidly-expanding bosoms, I doubt that balancing on her her tippy-toes would have remained an easy thing to do.  Good thing she started acting when she was ten, appearing in shows like “Webster“, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Blossom“, as well as several made-for-TV movies.  She also appeared in “General Hospital” from 1993 to 1995 during her teen years on TV, as well as the Saturday morning show “California Dreams“.

She achieved her breakthrough role a few years later, as Tiffany Malloy on the WB sitcom “Unhappily Ever After“, which ran from 1995-1999.  She then moved on to “The Norm Show“, and then her own sitcom, “Nikki“, which would last two seasons, from 2000-2002.  Her last series for the meantime was “Las Vegas“, which ran from 2003-2007, and now she’s starring in a new movie with her husband Jay Mohr called “Lonely Street”, although she has appeared sporadically in films before, like Steven Seagal’s “Glimmer Man” and “Naughty Professor 2: The Klumps“, or her 1988 film debut “Mac and Me”, which has nothing to do with Steve Jobs or Apple.

So as you can see, this voluptuous beauty has had quite a journey across our television landscape, and for those who’ve missed her sexy, busty presence for this year, there’s always a good chance that she’ll be back in another TV vehicle in the future.  For now though, we’ll have to content ourselves with checking her out on Nikki Cox Naked, where our lust for her juicy boobies can be slaked over and over, with all the naughty pics and videos she has there.